Post topping

Post toppings
I came across this phrase while reading some posts and was a little curious. What toppings are better put on after the pizza comes out of the oven? Also what topiings are better under the cheese than over? I know these are a little remedial but I am new to this and there is a ton to learn, every time I think i have a hold on it… I learn somethin new.

Thanks all.

I don’t know of many ingredients that are better when they are added after the pizza has been cooked aside from basil, but most veggies are definitely better under the cheese, especially spinach and sun dried tomatoes. For me, adding veggies under the cheese greatly reduces the amount of moisture that forms on top of the pie after it has cooked. Helps to make it look less greasy.

we do a few things post toppings

  1. one of our best pizza the Carribean has a salsa made of tomatos, onions, banana peppers, jalapenos, and pine apple.
    diced up small and put on after it comes out and this pizza is WOW.
  2. on our tex-mex we add lettuce and tomato and colby jack cheese after comes out

I will have to disagree with you, the crust gets soggy if you put veggies under the cheese.

What ever the customer wants. I have done tomatoes, onions, red and green peppers, cheddar,parm and feta cheese, pineapple, lettuce and spinach to name a few.

We put fresh spinach under the cheese.

Basil and cilantro go on after the pizza is cooked.

Fresh tomatoes and green onions are two toppings that we put on after the pizzas are baked. We get some requests to cook the tomatoes, but most of our customers prefer them raw. The green onions will burn if they’re cooked.

I was putting everything on top of cheese before. After changing my dough recipe i found that things like tomatoes and Mushrooms have been better under the cheese, the cheese browns better and quicker. I was having an issue with my crust browning alot quicker than my cheese and having to constantly turn and move the pizza around the oven to keep it from burning while the cheese browned. Now My deluxe pizzas cook alot faster and better.

i like to cook peppers,onions,mushroom half way thru then put them on top of cheese before cooking takes away alot of the moisture and they can be used for cheese steaks ,sausage rolls,stromboli, so they have many uses by cooking them first other then just for your pie.

anchovies and garlic after baking

I sprinkle grated parmesan/romano blend and oregano just after baking

almost everything else goes on top of the cheese before baking,


If veggies on top cause puddling, you can use a paper towel to soak most of it off. The cheese doesn’t stick to the paper towel due to having the fat on top. A deck oven without any impingment will cause more moisture to stay with the pizza than a conveyor with impingment due to the forced air drying (with veggies on top). Perhaps a happy median of the bulk of the cheese on after the sauce, the veggies, then a sprinkling of cheese on top of the veggies. It seems that most folks like crispy pepperoni, so that’s definitely on top. If you use rabbit pellets for sausage/ground beef, then under the cheese is fine. If you use raw meats, I’d put them on top and try to tilt drain the fat off.

for post tops depending on the pie, we do basil, parsley, cilantro, diced romas, diced onions, peanut sauce, bean sprouts, carrot threads, taziki, freshly grated Parm, spicy sour cream, cucumber dill sauce.