Post up some pictures of what you serve dine in pizzas on

Im looking for a better option for serving dine in pizzas on

right now we use the standard aluminum pizza trays, i hate them. They look cheap, pizzas get soggy quickly and i just don’t like them

I was looking for something that its black and maybe has NIBS to keep the crust high and dry

Thanks guys

I was thinking about these??–pz297D018.htm

I was thinking of these also, but we use a stand with a candle under it to keep hot, there may be some burning issues, i think they are plastic, would they work over a candle ???

i wouldn’t think a candle would be a good idea. Im going to order these tomorrow unless i see a better idea here

I used a pizza pleezer when I was selling slices. If I were doing dine in it would be my first choice without hesitation.
Simple! Easy to Clean! Comes in various sizes! They last a long time too.

Never really thought aluminum trays were that bad looking… Been using them for 48 years now. The black trays with bumps are cool but it doesn’t look like you can cut the pizza on them, which is what we do now. I’d hate to add that extra step…

They do make the same aluminum tray with raised bumps but they are pricey.

I use the Aluminum ones with nibs. They’re great. We use a large tray to cut the pies then just slide 'em on -easy. I just got some for our slice pies as well. Mine are flat on outer rim, the ones you show have a high edge. I’d think the high edged ones would be a little awkward.

We use the black with raised bumps like you posted, over a year in and no discoloration, people love them and talk about them all the time. You can cut on cardboard circle and slide in or cut on peel. I’ll make video and post how to slide

Video of putting pizza on it

I just spent 1300 bucks on them. Should be here next week

Pretty excited about them

Keep an eye on your trash cans. Customers might throw the pans in there. You also have to watch for customer theft of the pans.

Thanks for the vid. It’s always cool to see all the variations out there.