Postage rates for menus

I just got back from the post office and my rate per piece just went from .125 per menu up to .205 per menu thats an increase of 160 dollars per mailing. This is insane,the regular public had a two cent increase and I get a 7 cent increase.
They clai :x m there is no more saturation rate is there any one else having these issues or is my local post office just ripping me off.

We haven’t seen the rates yet, but I have been told that ‘saturation’ as we knew it before does not exist anymore. We still pay less than the retail rate for postage, which is all they ever promised.

I’d prefer the rates didn’t go up, but so did my price for a 16" pizza.

I just talked to my menu guy and he say’s that he talked to a Postal supervisor who says that it only went up a penny. Much better than a 7 cent increase.

There’s something off there. There is still saturation mail. Here’s the post office’s new form is here:

Part H is for ECR, which includes Saturation. What did go away is the DDU (Delivery Destination Unit) discount. You used to get the deepest discount by dropping them off at the local post office that they were destined for. Not anymore. If your local post office isn’t a Bulk Mail center or a DSCF, you get no discount… your rate will be .177 per piece.

If you can get to your DSCF, however, the rate is .135, which is up .011. Not too bad of an increase, but you’re probably going to have to make a longer drive.

I plan on getting a new permit at my DSCF. If I don’t get any discount at my local post office, there’s no point in carrying my permit there. I’ll have to go there every time to get a “Plant Verified Drop Shipment” and THEN drive it over to the DSCF.

I suspect this is what the post office intended. It used to be you’d drop at the DDU and they wouldn’t leave… they’d just get dropped in the carrier route’s boxes. The idea is probably to push more toward automation.[/url]

EDIT: Just talked to the bulk mail specialist at our post office. She said they will honor the DSCF rate, even though they’re not a DSCF. Your mileage may vary though… it always seems to depend on who you’re talking to. Under those circumstances, however, your rate should be .135 on ECR saturation mail.