Postage thank you/offer


I want to start mailing a thank you/offer letter to the delivery customers from the previous week (they are the only address that we have)

I create a SS with all the delivery orders and was going to offer larger value coupons to customers who have had multiple orders.

What do you guys think about the copy? Do you have any better suggestions?


Just a quick note to say thanks for ordering pizza from us.

If you have any feedback we’d love to hear it -

Lastly here is a $5 voucher for you to use with your next order - valid till (ENTER DATE)

PS. Don’t forget to join the NOM Pizza Club and earn FREE Pizza today, plus you get a FREE pizza with your next order when you sign up…

I personally would go broke doing this. Maybe a phone call to random customers would be a great idea.

Hand written “thank you” notes will have a huge return…No need to include a coupon IMO…Just a card will work wonders…

I have done thank you calls off and on for years. When I do them I run reports for a 90-120 day period and rank the customers by the number of orders placed. If they ordered 5 times or more I call them myself. If they ordered 2-4 times my manager calls them. We just say “Hi, this is ________, I am calling from Soda Creek Pizza. We noticed that you have ordered from us several times recently and are calling to say thank you for the business! Have a great day!”

We call during the day. I ask the manager to make 10-20 calls per day until the task is completed. We mostly get voice mail and just leave a message.

I have at times done free next orders for our most regular customers (like 20 times in the last year). I do not call them. We just set it up in the POS and surprise them.

text message is what I do–abc-news-Recipes.html

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the feedback! That’s a great script you guys are using at soda creek, once we open for lunch I’ll try it out - at the moment we are only open for dinner so it wouldn’t be practical to call at that hour.

I love the idea of hand written notes. I’m only talking around 50 or so a week so it shouldn’t cost more than $50 to do.

We get a heap of 1x orders via delivery when we do our mass mail boxing. I’m hoping doing this will get them to order the second time. We only need two people who wouldn’t normally order again out of the 50 and it has covered it’s costs.


Dave, while following up with a note is great and will work, it’s probably best to do this weekly for just your first time customers. I have some customers that order 50 times a year and it is certainly not necessary to send them a letter every time to keep them coming back. Do you have a POS system? This will help you identify first time customers and the data it generates would also help you market to “lazy” or “lost” customers. A couple other suggestions if you are not already doing them: 1) Boxtop every box with bounce back offers. They have already tried your product(and hopefully like it) so you don’t have to be real aggressive on these offers. 2) Give a business card sized magnet with every order. I have customers with 100 magnets on their fridge. A magnet might not be necessary to get a customer like that to order, but their neighbors will certainly take notice of the fridge covered in magnets when they come over to watch the game.

I am not sure where you are coming from with the lunch/dinner thing relating to calling. Why would you call at night? The idea is just to call them. The time that we make thank you calls has zero to do with what time the customer orders since it takes place well after the order (not even the same month sometimes) In fact, since you are closed for lunch that makes that time of day ideal for calling. You have some time to do it!

I’ve been doing hand written Thank You cards for a couple of years now, and it gets a huge response. We often get told that it’s a “nice touch”.

When we have a new customer order, they get their Thank You card with their order. Why wait? Thank them right at that moment when they still have the warm fuzzies.

All of our cards are hand written (in blue ink) and say “I wanted to take the time to thank you for your order tonight. We really appreciate it! Please use this card for a FREE appetizer with your next order.” The P.S. is “Don’t forget to join our reward program at”.

We pre-write all of the cards, and when an order comes in me or a manager just inserts the first name.

I take no credit for this - I got the idea from Kamron Karrington’s book “Gun to the head marketing” - but it works like a charm. The cards cost about 30 cents each.

Not sure what POS you use or if it’s possible, but our prep tickets get stamped with a big “N” when the customer is new.

Edit: Duh, I didn’t read your username - I know you use Point of Success. Getting an indicator for a new customer on a prep ticket is extremely easy.