Postcard Size, 4 x 6 or 5.5 x 8.5???

We have been using 5.5 x 8.5" postcards for our direct mail marketing. We had mostly been using them for our customer database which doesn’t make the cost of the bigger postcards that much more expensive. For the added visibility and content I felt it was worth it.

Starting this year we have been doing a lot of direct mail with a purchased list and have been looking to further increase our weekly mailings. We are looking at spending an average of $210 more a week now to use the bigger postcards – just depending on the amount we settle on.

What size are most of you using?

Opinions of size to use?

Bigger size worth it?

Being in a big market it seems you may have to spend more to truly stand out.

For our direct mail we use 8.5x 5.5 4/4 w/ 2-4 coupons. We use the 4x6 postcards w/ a single “FREE” coupon at community events.

How much extra per piece?..Also, you have to track the results from both sizes to determine which ends up costing less…Than may not be the one that has the lowest cost going in…If the larger more costly postcard brings higher results it may have a lower cost when you express it as a % of sales generated…

I personally use 4x6 postcards for all of my advertising. It is a size that everyone is used to due to pictures and everything, kinda appealing to the eye. If you combine it with a great eye catching design you are talking gold. I personally pay $140 for 5000 4x6 postcards - double sided 4/4 (full color) both sides UV Ink, 14pt card stock.

You can either use both sides to sell your pizza, or sell the other side to another business that you don’t compete with, maybe in the same plaza or area that you are set up in.

I personally use both sides

I would really appreciate having the contact info for whomever is doing these for you. Thanks.

There are several good sources out there. I use, and their price right now is 99.55 plus shipping for their single-sided, full color 4X6 glossy on 14pt stock. Now if you go to 4/4 color the price goes to 112.99 plus shipping (I end up right at $145 having them shipped to GA from CA).

Do be sure to look at the specifics of the products so you can compare apples to apples. Some have lighter stock, or no UV coating or whatever.

It depends on a lot of factors: the card design, your offer, and what other admail you’re competing with for attention in your customers’ mailboxes. You already know what return you’re getting on the larger card with your database mailing program, so try a test mailing of the 4x6 cards to the same database list and compare.

One of the best-performing 4x6 cards I’ve seen had a package deal coupon on one side and a condensed menu on the back, with the phone # and web address prominent on both sides.

we use a 4x6 four color glossy 2 sided. Had great with them.

We get ours from taradel. They designed it (to match our menu) and we can change the coupons. We put 2 coupons on the front.



we found that 4 by 6 preformed just as well as the larger counter part and 4/4 color slightly better than black on color paper

I think the issue than is can I fit everything on a much smaller piece. is where i get mine from. If you need help with graphic design let me know I have been doing it since high school.