Where can I buy around 5,000 postcards printed with my illustrations and text on it ?

I realize that is not many, I just want to do a couple of mailings to the people in the town I am open for 6 months.


someone here turned me onto as a place to get cards. There was another place that does direct mailing for something like 22 cents per each . . . and they will mail it. I suspect that is their saturation rate since it is so low. Do a search and maybe it will appear. Maybe someone will drop a line on that on this thread.

. . . . ooops, found it myself. Try for low cost direct mailing options. … dZViewItem

I have used these guys for business cards and for postcards and I was extremely happy…I looked for ever no one comes close and its great cardstock glossy and the print was exceptional…took 2 weeks for turn around

Office Max, Office Depot, Staples. All the office supply/printing places print them pretty cheap. They don’t mail them, but they will print them.