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i am looking for any one who has power vented a residential pizza oven??? i have a casa 90 installed in my kitchen in a 2nd home in south mississippi. i travel a lot and was away for a little over 3 months of the construction it is an icf home. the short story is the oven was installed but not vented some one decided to put up a wall to protect it during major work well it got sheet rocked and painted and went un noticed until i got back. so now instead of destroying a finished 2 story house and roof i was seeking info on power venting i found one company EXHAUSTO GVS PIZZA OVEN POWER VENTS. also i do have a whole house generator in the event i lost power during use… any feedback would be great now i have to make a 90 degree horizontal exhaust.

Is it gas? What is above the oven on the 2nd floor?

Hi Moto:

The basic principles of ventilation are the same in a home as they are in a restaurant.

Your hood would be sized depending on your oven. The Dimensions of the hood will determine the CFM of air to be removed to be efficient. Some way of replenishing the exhausted air should be provided. The exhaust pipe from the hood can go up and out the roof or out a side wall if it is not blowing into a neighbor’s, window

Give me the type and size of the oven and I will give you some hood and venting specifications.

George Mills

hi george
i have a fornobravo casa 90 wood fired oven and i also was looking into a company called EXHAUSTO GVS POWERED PIZZA OVEN VENTILATION. now i have a choice major demolition or power vent horizontally. i have 10 foot cielings and the oven dome is 42 inches above the floor so i will have a 2 foot vertical pipe then a 90 degree bend and about 3 foot horizontal pipe to the outside. that will leave over a foot to the cieling. i intend to use triple walled pipe if available and encase exhaust pipe with vermiculite. thanks for any info

it is the forno bravo casa 90 wood fired pizza oven.above the oven is a den

I could be wrong, but i don’t think you can power vent a wood fired oven.\

I have seem some nasty, nearly horizontal connections on wood fired ovens in commercial restaurants though.

What do they say over on fornobravo?

Hi Moto;

Sorry it has taken me a time to get back to you.

I did not know what the configuration of the oven was so I had to research that a bit.

It appears that your oven when used in a domestic environment is usually just ducted up and out the roof. Apparently you cannot go up you will have to go horizontally out a side wall. I do not think you need to put a hood over the oven.

I found no criteria for horizontally venting that type of unit in a domestic situation.

I would guess that about a 1000 CFM fan ducted to the opening on the top of your oven would remove the smoke and excess heat. Just a Guess

George Mills

Ladies and Gents,

I have a Mugnaini residential wood fired oven with a power vent. My question is what to do if the power vent quits with the oven fired? I have a whole house generator if power goes out but what if the vent motor quits??? I hope the answer is not calling the fire dept!