Praise when due (POS comment)

Sometimes a vendor just deserves a back-pat.

My POS starts totally locking up - OF COURSE during a massive rush - a fundraiser night actually, with a group that’s pretty much all NEW customers for us.

I’d sort of accidentally dropped my ongoing service coverage, and I’ve been a “charge per incident” customer for some months with my POS vendor. I was into the 4th month with zero downtime, and thinking that’s OK.

I try what I know, and I’m stuck.
So I call support, and tell them - “I’m a charge customer, and HELP!!! I’ve got a line of people who want to order their first pizza with me!”
Short story - support accessed my system remotely, got me up and running in about a MINUTE, didn’t charge me, didn’t delay the fix by authorizing a payment first or anything. They understood it was a crisis for me, treated it that way, and came through big time.

Good job, Firefly.

Who is the POS company?

Judging from the original post, I think the vendor in question in Firefly. :lol:

Thanks, I missed that bottom line.

Yep - that’s them,

Did FireFly tell you how to fix this yourself WHEN it happens again?