Prayers for a burned pizzeria

I just found out that a nearby pizzeria . . .a guy who does it right . . . was burned out of his pizzeria last night at 1am. He operated on the corner of a historic building on a small town main street. A business in the middle of the building appears to have caught fire and taken out several businesses, including part of his.

Prayers and intentions for Chris, his family and staff are requested. His place is Oz Pizza in Fairburn, Georgia. Link to the news story is (includes blaze photo)

Photo: (next morning aftermath)

I had a sick feeling when I saw the pictures of the fire. Fire can rob you of so much in such a short time. I pray they are able to come out of this in a better position.

This was a reminder to me to double check my insurance policies.

That’s so bad. I hope he had good insurance coverage. I hope they get out to him quick.

That’s just awful. They’re in our thoughts and prayers.

Very sad situation. We all know hard it is to keep our businesses going and then to lose it all in an instant because of something out of our control. Our best wishes on their quick recovery.

Hello Nick,

Thanks for the words of support that you have posted on PMQ! Hopefully we will be back in business in 2 months. We are dealing with insurance now, which can really beat you down! Our spot has major smoke damage and the rear of our building has some roof and structure damage. All the other business’s burned completely down. Our biggest challenge is finding either permanent or temporary jobs for our 16 employees. We have an unbelievable staff, so this has been my focus as of late. Again, thanks for all of your support!



You my be able to connect them with unemployment benefits due to the business temporarily closing and unavailability of work. We talked to DOL a few years ago when we had to close for a few months relocating and building a pace. The word we got from the agent was that if we sent notification of our closure and anticipated reopen date, the employees would qualify for benefits . . . and possibly not have to hunt for work every week.

It may be worth the call. Godspeed, brother. 2 months sounds spectacular. We’ll be there for any grand re-opening (or soon after if it is on Fri or Sat night :slight_smile: )