pre cooked and delivered frozen buffalo wings ?

Hello all,

At a chain pizza restaurant that I previously worked at the distribution truck would bring un-sauced wings on a weekly basis. The wings would come pre cooked, and were typically frozen prior to delivery but would eventually thaw in the walk-in cooler. From there you would put them through the conveyor oven and sauce them when they were heated.

Anyone know of any distribution companies in the midwest that could deliver something like this?

Another idea that I had was to have a pump station setup at my place to distribute different sauce flavors, i.e. a hot n’ spicy, a traditional bbq, a sweet honey sauce, a garlic sauce, etc. etc. . Anyone know some really good hotwing sauces out there that could deliver their sauce in a big jug, or at least sell in quantity?

Thanks in advance.


Most all of the traditional wing suppliers will have a pre-cooked option for your use. In your area check out your Hawkeye Foodservice rep. They were out here pushing a pre-cook wing or boneless, from Brakebush last week with a pretty good sauce option also. Right now they were offering a “BOGO” deal through the end of the month.

I think you also fall in the sysco foods service area as well.


Sysco has a great precooked wing selection. I am not sure how they bake after they thaw but in the fryer they are amazing. We thaw them in our cooler and fry them to order.

As for sauce,! I highly recommend this company from Baltimore. They will send samples for you to try and they sell by the gallon. We use 14 of their flavors. Price is $13 per gallon including shipping. Shipping may be more based on how far your pizzeria is from Baltimore. You need to purchase 4 gallons at a time.

This is a common item. Just ask your food rep. Whoever they are, they will have several choices.