pre mixed flour/dough mix

Hi. Just wondering if anyone uses a premixed flour - containing the yeast already. Our distributor brought a 24# bag that all you have to do is add water. Just wanting to get your input & thoughts. Thanks.

never knew it existed

Neither did I. It’s $8.00 for a 24# bag. It’s a lot cheaper that what we get now but I’m not sure of the quality. The bag gives you 2 different options on how to make it. One is for thin crust and the other is for thick and pan. It tells you the exact amount of water - and it has to be at 80 degrees. We us tap water so I’m not sure how to figure that out. Either way, I need to get more info on it!

Thermometer? We used to just get the water “close” and then use the thermometer in the water stream to get to the right temp.

who is your vendoe i just checked with roma and he quoted me $16 a bag

I am interested in knowing the brand… if you have some info or and item number that would be great. thanks

Hi. My vendor is a small outfit out of Fresno, California. The company name is Saladino’s and my contact is Doug Saladino. The phone number is 1-800-248-8089. The brand is Zia Maria. Hope this helps.

i also use premix dough its 24lbs and i just add water. it cost me 12dollars per bag it was 10 dollars couple month ago just recently went up. its called great american crust mix. i get it through fsa.

Thanks for all the info… how are the tastes with these kinds of flours???

Do you have to add salt or anything???


this would help solve my problem with getting dead instant yeast! like no one understands how to ship anything… and an unsealed bag of instant yeast will GO BAD.

Pizza Blends makes a pre mix…

Also Bay State Mills

Both Companies will even make a private label version of your own blend.

I used both and both work perfect…

It’s a little more money but when your letting staff make dough it will be consistant!

Another manufacturer of dry mixes for pizza dough is Blendex (Louisville, KY). Mixes can be had in either of two forms, a complete mix where the used just needs to add water, or as a base, where the used might need to add oil and possibly yeast in addition to the water. The main thing to keep in mind about mixes or based is that you should not use partial bags. Use only full bags or multiples of full bags at a time. Stock mixes are OK, but since they are a one size fits all, there isn’t much individuality amongst them so it is my recommendation that the user do something to signature the dough/crust like adding additional oli/olive oil, or some dry herbs.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have used a Roma labeled product called “Ultimo Supreme Pizza Crust Mix” for about 7 years. It changed manufactors once during the time I’ve used it and since PFG bought out Roma my price on it has doubled. My rep says that PFG buys it from Roma and then there is a per case shipping charge added to take it to PFG. I’m not very happy about this. I have had so many items get dropped by PFG since they merged. I would love to find out what other names this same mix is made under and find it from someone else. PFGs latest solution to my problem is they are going to “teach” me how to make dough. I know how to make dough, I just don’t want to use a different dough, my customers love it and it is pretty fool proof to make. If you use it can you PM the price you pay? Or if you know who makes it I would greatly apperciate it.