pre stretched dough

we are moving our restaurant to a new facility and the new building is set up for pre stretching pizza dough. we currently hand toss our dough and do not have any experience with pre stretched dough storage. we will be using screens not pans. how do I store pre stretched pizzas on racks in our walk in dough cooler with out them drying out?

plastic bags?

What we have done very successfully is to open the skins and place onto pizza screens which are places into a wire tree rack and taken to the cooler, after 20-minutes cover the rack of skins with a food contact approved plastic bag. The skins will kee for the better part of the day in this manner. I don’t recommend holding per-opened skins over from one day to the next. When you’re ready to use the pre-opened skins remove them from the cooler and allow to warm slightly (20-minutes at room temperature is sufficient) then lift off of the screen, and place onto a seasoned baking screen cleaning-up the edges and shape as you do so. DO NOT just leave on the storage screen, dress and bake…ever! If you want to bake on the same screen the dough skins are stored on the screens must be seasoned and you MUST lift the skin off of the screen and place it back down again to move the screen marks out of register, failure to do so will almost certainly result in the dough being forced down into the screen during baking resulting in the screen and baked crust becoming as one…not a pretty sight. By using the first described method the storage screens do not need to be seasoned and because it requires the transfer of the pre-formed skin from one screen to another it ensures that the skin will not end up being baked into the screen. By the second method described I’ve seen instances where in a rush someone forgets to lift the skin off of the screen…Oops!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor