Precision HD-60 Mixer

We are thinking of getting a new mixer and have been looking at the precision hd-60. We will most likely be doing our dough with 50lb bags of flour. We also use it for grating cheese, slicing vegetables, and mixing sauces. Do any of you guys have first hand experience with these machines? Are they durable? We currently use a hobart planetary mixer.

I went from hobarts to the precision hd-60 and have no regrets, I am purchasing my second one this week for my new store. The mixer has a great warranty 1-year parts and labor, 3-year parts
on motor, drive-train, and transmission,7-year parts on gears and shafts in the
planetary and transmission. I know the owner and he is a great guy Mark Altarac give him a call you can talk to him directly (518) 462-3387.

There are a few “random” posts in the archives here…Search “precision” to find a few…For the most part, it sounds like they work well and are an economical option to the other well known brands…