PreCooked Breaded Wings

Does anybody use a precooked breaded wing that they like? Ive looked at LaNova but they seem a bit pricey. Any suggestions?

peirce is another good one.

Actually Pierce is a great one, also if you are near a restaurant depot, the BIG C brand is ridiculous cheap and just as good.

Wingzings. Or wingdings. I don’t know if they are precooked but they were decent.

I second the Big C brand at RD. I’m usually receiving compliments on our wings, especially when people are comparing them to the wings served at Dominos. I’ve never had anyone complain about them (knock on wood).

Sounds like a ringing endorsement. :lol:

My personal favorite chicken wings are from US Foods, they have their Exclusive brand from Molly’s Kitchen. Its a great product. Regarding the price, just remember, garbage in garbage out. I personally would want my customers to say that these are the best chicken wings that I have ever had. You can also come up with your on signature recipe, then you can call it your own.

I just had a rep from Brakebush drop some samples, I’ll let you know what I think when I fire them up

I know you said breaded, just wanted to throw these at you.
Tyson rotissery wings, I just switched from fresh party wings to these and Im so glad I did. Theyre done (fryed) in 4-5 minutes, taste great, and I no longer have to check the wings to make sure the employees arent sending out raw chicken.
Ive used breaded wing dings in the past and although theyre tasty, thyre also extremly salty and lack the ‘upscale look’ these provide. Take a look
10lb box $36.50. So I pay about .58 more per order than before but the peace of mind is tottaly worth it