Precooked Ground Beef

Been experimenting with a bacon cheeseburger pizza which looks pretty favorable to go on the menu. For now, I’ve been picking up raw ground beef from the supermarket then cooking it up at the store. I would like to make the process go a little easier though and was wondering if any of you used precooked ground beef (not the kibbles) in any of your recipes and if you had a favorite brand.

I am not all that proud at times to share my frozen toppings history, but this is actually one that is pretty good. I found a product that was sort of kibble-looking as it was an extruded product, but it listed ZERO extenders in the ingredients that I could see. NO TVP, and only beef, seasonings, and BHA/BHT. It had a good beef flavor if a little salty, stayed moist on the pies, and worked for my meatsauce as well by sauteeing and whirling in the Cuisinart. It is a Bonici brand (Tyson Foods) and the product number I believe is 02562-0269.

I have not a large option pool, but that was a great product when I was able to get it. Staff and customers find fresh beef to have an ‘off’ taste to them when baked on a pizza. I think they are just trained to taste the processed toppings. Anyway, we use a frozen pellet, and that was a good one. The only truly good one I’ve used. The lack of extenders made it really meaty tasting without sacrificing the moistness.

Burke and/or other companies may have other good alternatives. I haven’t used them, though.

Would agree wit Nick’s on that product.
As far as the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza we started them about a month agoa and they fly out of here!!! People love them and the regular cheesesburger pizza.
Here is a link to my website that gives a little description of it
I will have pics to follow on the site

Thanks guys. Should be getting some samples in to try tomorrow. Can’t wait! The whole staff loves the bacon cheeseburger pizza! Want to get it out to customers asap.

@cmhall26: Thanks for the encouragement. It’s great to hear that your cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburger pizzas are doing so well. I checked it out and it’s almost identical to what we’ve been experimenting with.
Our recipe is:
Ketchup and Mayo mixed as the base (known around these parts as “fry sauce” we’ll call it our proprietary blend :))
Ground beef
American and Mozzarella cheeses
Bake, then top with lettuce and tomato.

That is just about the recipe I was going to use but didnt want to carry ketchup. And the pickles we dont carry but the employees buy a big jar and put it on their pizza! Dont know what kindo of area your in but we are a small farming town (3000people) and you have to drive 25 minutes to get to any big town and these have been a great hit. Hope it goes very well for you too!!! Got to do anything to keep the customers happy and WANTING MORE

I dropped hamburger quite a while ago…I feature a meatball topping that I make in house & dice up…seems to fit the bill, even for the CB pies…

We have quite a few beef[/url] and [url=]meatball[/url] options available without extention. Our specialty is [url=]Hand-Pinched Style® toppings which has an inconsistent look like raw sausage.

If anyone is interested please pm me.

Also, you may want to check out our recipe page.