preforming skins

We are currently hand tossing our dough but am starting to fall behind on the lunch biz. Am thinking of preforming the skins and am about to start experimenting. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

willie in the midwest

What kind of oven? If brick perhaps you can keep a couple extra pies in and then topping them half way through the baking process.

when I preform skins, I brush some olive oil on the on the take n bake tray or the disk if I am baking it, and on the top of the skin.
I refrigerate if I am not going to use the skin within an hour.
I would like to find out how other people do it.

What we have found is to pre-shape the dough skins and very lightly oil them, we then immediately place them onto baking screens (just for this purpose) and put them in the cooler on a wire tree rack. They can remain in the cooler for the better part of the day if necessary, but I personally like to keep the time as short as possible. When you get hit hard, all you need to do is to bring out a number of skins and place them on a warm table (PVI/Bob Brackle at 800-554-7267) makes a temperature controlled shelf just for this purpose, It only takes about 30 seconds on the heated shelf or possibly a minute or so on some other warm surface. Remove the dough skin from the screen and place onto a dressing peel, dock if you need to, then sauce and dress to the order and bake as usual. We have had excellent success with this method. In fact, we’ll be demonstrating this procedure at our October, Practical Pizza Production Seminar.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We preform all our skins, dock them, pan them, and then refridgerate for the day. We will sauce a good bit of them before our busy times. Then when that rush happens, all we need to do is remove from the cooler, dress and bake. Sales are approx. 300 pizzas/week.

we don’t dock until the skin is at the make table ready to be used. We do dough every morning, and thurs, fri, sat nites. Pans go onto racks, covered with plastic bun pan cover bags, kept in the cooler until the rush time starts, then they sit out; we rarely have to trash or re-cool many.

Sales, about 150/day of this type (we also use a par-baked thin crust, sell more of those)


interesting reading the thread titles, esp at first glance when getting to the board—“suggestive sales” followed by what looks like “performing [sic] skins”… :shock: