Premium Flour Costs


I see a lot of posts about cheese prices, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on flour prices? I believe they have been going up lately with farmers planting more corn for ethanol production, etc…

I am actually interested in prices of more “premium” or “organic” flours like King Arthur (AP/Bread/Sir Lancelot), Giusto’s, Cook Natural, Champlain Valley, etc… I was wondering how much these cost per 50lb bag and how that would compare to a regular General Mills, Gold Medal, etc.

Any info is much appreciated!

  • Aaron

I am currently paying 14.28 for Gold Medal full strength-- If that helps

was wondering how much some premiums would be myself.
And what the advantages of premium would be

You’re right, flour prices are going up, and they’re expected to continue rising due to the overall wheat shortage. This is one of those times when the higher quality, strong flours are actually cheaper than the lower protein (bakery grade) flours. This is due to the extreme shortage of lower protein winter wheat. Winter wheat just broke at over $9.00 per bushel, about twice of what it normally is.
Diue to the demand and length of time that it takes for a field to be certified for growing organic wheat there is somewhat of a shortage of organic wheat too. Plus, it is still a pretty low volume product as compared to regular floiur so it will always, for the near future, bring a premium price.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

i have tried all the brands that you have mentioned i still prefer all trumps

just bought GM Harest King, $13.99 for 50#,

CAPUTO “00” $30 25KG

you have tried giusto’s, cook natural and champlain valley?