Prep lists...........gimme some.

Prep lists for openers and closers. Give me some examples. Anyone following a set routine? How early before opening do you arrive? What do you do to prepare for opening? Then before leaving to go home etc…certain means of delegation with a small staff. Need a way to get everything done efficiently.

In the morning we have a build to chart.

On a spreadsheet list everything you use

      Mon   Tue  Wed

Bacon 4__
Onion 3__

Then have a fixed number under day and a blank box next to it. The fixed number is how many crocks of bacon you need on mon. The blank is how many they need to do after seeing what is left from the day before. So if you come in on monday and need 4 bacon for the day and there are two underneath they prep 2. Etc

We also have check sheets for store set up and closing. It is very specific. Turn oven on. Turn oven off. Wipe maketable door handles. Fill plasticware. Clean bathrooms…fill toilet paper fill soap fill paper towels. Empty trash replace liners.

We hang all the sheets in their particular areas on clip boards. We also have weekly clean up they do each day. Stuff you don’t have to do everyday but needs to get done…like dusting the blinds…scrubbing trash cans.

On our set up sheets it tells specifics for each position. That way if you have new people or cross trained people they can be pretty self sufficient because the directions are so specific.

Took a lot of time in the begining to get them set up and figured out but now they are key to us running smoothly.

As far as coming in time…we used to all come in at nine and opened at ten. We now have a “prep” gal who comes in at 6 but I wouldn’t recommend it…she is just one of those rare cream of crop employees who I whole heartdly trust and when she retires we will all come in early. She’s just one of them people who make my life easier!

Hope this helps.


These lists that are very specific…that is what I am looking for. Thanks.

I’d appreciate having those lists emailed to me as well.


me too if you don’t mind. I thought mine were detailed but your short response got me questioning it


I just re wrote mine.

Where it uses to say vegies…now it is very specific, and breaks down every thing… … 1&size=300

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Now for the topic on hand. I have a list that I have laminated and put on the side of my walk-in that can be written on with a wet erase marker. The list has each topping that I use and the number and size of container for each that is required. There is a check box which is to be marked when the prep work is done as well as a box to be checked when the topping needs to be reordered. I order twice a week so it is reordered when there is four days stock left.

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I’d love these lists too if your still offering!!! thanks

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