Prep Sink

Hey guys!

We are cutting lots of fresh veggies and lettuce. Nemco Tunapress have to be attatched to one of the sinks.

I don’t know what to prefer:

Worktable with sink like


worktable plus 1 comp sink with drainboard

I would like to go with the 1st option but i don’t know these things in the real life.
Actually i got a chinese 2 comp sink for dishwashing, handwash, prep… thats pretty uncool and only caused by space.

Aditionally to this i want to buy a two or three comp sink for dishwash and a handsink as well.

So many questions… I want to do it this time ONCE and RIGHT. I don’t want to give the chance away to build the perfect work environment for me and my crew. I love this business so much but its tough anyway - so i want to make the workflow convenient as possible.

First Table will spill liquid and product on the floor while in use. Stuff could/will slide off. I use the second option with just a regular table next to it.

We just cut from the veggie slicer into a full sheet pan with the second veggie sink option

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