Prep Table Crash - - brand to replace with

I am considering a new purchase prep table while I hunt unceasing for a great used one. Any suggestions on brands to avoid or brands to seek out?

Anyone have a line on a good used prep table at a decent price? I need at least a 60", prefer 67" or 72" models. Newer the better, obviously.

Background: tech found low coolant in system, likely a leak in the lines. . . a looowww leak. Compressor drawing 20 amps to start, so it is dead. This is a replacement compressor already in a 15 to 20 year old box. So, and am upgrading for now. New or used isn’t a big difference as long as it works and is reliable . . . and I can afford to buy it.

I need 1 t0 Nick nBeen looking on ebay but havent found anything worthwhile


based on your location, have you ever tried Supermarket Equipment Resale? They are a massive player in Rutledge GA, with lots of used stuff, about 40 minutes east of Atlanta.

They periodically have auctions at liquidated restaurants, and have very large auctions at their site. They have a big one coming up on Aug. 22. I’m sure they will have prep tables.

I purchased 2 smaller prep tables a few months ago from a auction they had in Atlanta. one was 4 foot $125, and one was 3’ $100. Both needed a little cleaning and “de-roaching” but their running fine.

Also, Vision Equipment in Covington has auctions every 2 months.

good luck.

I love Randell’s. My 16 year old 111" table died 2 weeks ago. Got it off ebay 4 years ago for $1200. I went here:

Picked up the 111". That price is half what all of the equipment vendors around quoted me. I had it in 4 days!! :shock:

I bought an eight foot Randell from Northern Pizza Eqipment. Spent a few hundred extra to get custom made catch pans made to my specs. I would definatly reccomend them if a new one is affordable.

Here’s an old Dominos makeline with grates on Ebay in South Carolina. Be careful because the seller has no feedback, but I’d bet it’s a legit auction.

Nick, I can’t reccomend strongly enough to STAY AWAY from TurboAir. I bought a brand new one 2 years ago. What a pile of crap that thing is…it works great when it’s 41 degrees outside, but you can imagine on a day like today when it’s 104 out.

I just bought a used Delfield on Ebay, and am waiting on delivery. Let you know how that one works in a week or so.

I feel for you bro.

We just went through the same thing a couple of weeks back and got a new refridgerant blower, you know the one that blows the cold air around.

Kept losing gas and had to be replaced - $1700 ouch !!!

What brassed me off is that ours is not a proper pizza prep bench, but some old one adapted (part of my Fools Tax) from a lunch bar prep bench. :oops: :cry:

Now I have to keep it for a couple of years to get the money worth out of it which puts our new wizz bang pizza bench on hold. :cry: :cry: :cry:


i have bev air sub and pizza prep tables 2 of tem i bought new almost 10 years ago and have not stuck a dime in either one yet they get my vote

Our experience with used refrigeration is that it always fails within the first year and the buyer looses more than they saved.

Of course there are a few exceptions. But our experience over hundreds of units was bad. We will no longer market used refrigeration. In my opinion legitimate dealers do not offer used refrigeration.

The best prep and sandwich tables are offered by La Rosa. I have sold those products for over forty years and can count on my fingers service problems.

George Mills

I agree. George has sold me several LaRosas, and it’s the one that I use. Also, staying away from used refrigeration is always your best bet. Things like leaky coils are hard to spot, so you’re better off not taking the chance. It may cost a bit more on the front end, but you’ll be better off in the long run. True also makes pretty good tables. I use them for my salad lines.

I gotta say that I like the look and features of the LaRosa Tables. Problem is that I’m on a ColdTech budget. I just cannot squeeze out $8K+ right now for a prep table given our volume and sales levels. I’ll have to dream about one of those some day . . . maybe used :lol:

I’m looking at a reasonable price on a 71" ColdTech PS2RR-16S table. $2300 delivered. I just have a tight spot due to roof leaking, prep table issues and AC issues all at once. I don’ want to go econo-line, but I can’t even really see finding enough $$ for a True this month . . .and I’m using ice every night to keep going . :cry:

Nick, would a compressor ease your pain for now? IT seems the least expensive way to go for now. If so, PM me…I ,may not have much but I do have three extra compressors and I know they are good. I can send you one for freight charge only. No other cost to you…just keep giving me advice :smiley:

That is a humbling offer, Charlie! I can only marvel that people here are so willing to pitch in with each other. The offer you make is enough to keep me here and rattling off at the keyboard too much.

The compressor is not so much a solution as a patch job. The compressor I have in there now is actually a replacement for the last replacement. I have a coolant leak somewhere that will lead to future surprise problems, and the box I have is really close to 20 years old, the evaporator unit is cracking, the seals are drying out . . . in short, it is really time to retire this workhorse, even though the timing really sucks. It will run a few hundred to get the shipping for your compressor, installation and then hopefully find that leak . . . .

Wife and I have struggled back and forth with the decision and want to go with a new box with warranty and new design advancements and all. At least the highest end box we can afford and make sense of in our size of operation (less than $200K per year).

Nice offer from NY Charlie, especially after YOU razzed him about IQ levels :roll:

NY Charlie, quick retract the offer to Nick so we can get him off the keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick I know the situation you are in as I ahve been three recently and it really suxs, especially when the wife says the new one is off the agenda for a couple of years.

If it is any consolation the new benches are more efficient and will save money in the long term, operational wise, so an investment now will pay for itself in less power bills, less spoilage and less reapirs / maintenance.

Do you have a rent / buy option there for a new one where you rent until you can afford to buy and 75% of the rental paid comes off the purchase price. Not the cheapest option but it will get you set up with a new one until you can afford to purchase. Probably works out the same cost of the ice you are using each day.

Maybe George can assist you on this ?


Hey I recently went through something like this. Last Saturday I came in early to the store and found my make line at 70 degrees! I called my Heating & Cooling guy and he was there 45 minutes later. He checked it out and told me the compressor was bad. I had to make a decision right there of whether to replace the compressor ($700) or just go out of business since I am doing averaging $1300 a week in sales. I went for it hoping that September and the end of summer helps me get up to $3000 a week that I need. We’ll see at the end of September whether I made a good decision or the junk man gets a new compressor with the stainless steel scrap I take off the prep table.


but I can’t even really see finding enough $$ for a True this month . . .and I’m using ice every night to keep going . :cry:

Is TRUE an inferior brand? I was considering those up until now. Give me your opinion Nick. After viewing this topic and I really looking at the Randell brand.


That’s great to hear John. I was ready to purchase a TRUE and probably will now. I have been doing a great deal of research on this forum and have really come to value Nick’s opinion…he seems to be wise beyond his beard. The statement that he made seemed to refer to the TRUE brand as an inferior product. But 15 years without a problem is hard to fault. The TRUE that I was looking at was a little more than the Randell, but when you add in the features such as the standard cutting board and included pans, along with the 5" casters, that difference became even smaller. Those items are only optional on the Randell. Any thoughts from anyone else?

I made a poor presentation of what I was saying. I meant to imply that brands like TurboAir, ColdTech and BevAir are more on the economy lines of coolers. True appear more in the middle (at least in price . … durability and performance depend on model), while Delfield and LaRosa are high end in price and durability.

I run 3 new True machines and have had no problem with them. I just cannot afford the added $1000 in price for my current purchase. I would probably by a True pizza table all things being equal, and price being less an issue. I’d go with LaRosa or Delfield if money were no object.