Prep Table Crash - - brand to replace with

Another thing you need to worry about with used equipment is where it was used before … about 4 years ago I bought a used Salad prep. I had been in business for 7 years with no pest problems. Within 2 months after installing it, my store was overrun with cockroaches. We finally moved to a new location last year (that wasn’t the only reason).

From now on, if I buy anything used, I’m going to spray the sh1t out of it w/ roach spray before I buy it; if anything comes scurrying out, I’ll look elsewhere.

Nick, I have found several sellers on Ebay, who either get there stuff real cheap or they just don’t know how to value there items. Here is one example this seller will place an item really high, and it won’t get bids so the next time he will just throw it up at $9.99 and depending on his description he may or may not sell it. I have gotten allot of equipment of this seller for $10 bucks. I recently bought a 10’ foot SUBWAY maketable for only $10. buck and it work like a charm. here is his addy

As well, he will take payments on expensive items, I bought a double stack of Lincoln Impinger 1301 from him for $4000 and he took 8 payments of $500., and shipped them after the fourth payment. Its worth a try.

Also my Refrigeration Expert has an office next to one of my pizza joint. So I get allot of unsolicited knowledge every time he visits for lunch. He has told me that Delfield, and True, are the best maketables.

Do you have a rent / buy option there for a new one where you rent until you can afford to buy and 75% of the rental paid comes off the purchase price. Not the cheapest option but it will get you set up with a new one until you can afford to purchase. Probably works out the same cost of the ice you are using each day.

Maybe George can assist you on this ?


There are many leasing companies that have lease to own programs probably about $400 advance payment and $200.00 per 48 months should get you a good unit.
George Mills

Ouch!!! 10K for a makeline? I think I’ll pay cash and spend closer to $3500. A title loan on my truck would be cheaper than using a leasing company!

If you pay anywhere near 50% of original cost for used refrigeration I would suggest buying new. Just replaced two prep tables last year with True products. Always had delfield prior and I am now sold on the True.
Biggest problem I’ve been told is that the acids in the tomato sauces if stored in your prep table will eventually corrode the evaporator and other copper tubing.