Prep table door closer

I was wondering if anyone has a solution for the older prep tables that don’t close all the way when shut. I have two–one of them every time you close one door, the opposite door opens about an inch unless you push on both doors together. My newer table has the self-closing hinges and they are great.

Any ideas? Can I just purchase a true self-closing hinge and replace it? Thanks for any help.

We had the same problem with our 3 door cooler. We replaced the rubber around the doors and the issue was fixed for the most part. The pressure with the new rubber was strong enough to keep the doors closed unless someone slammed the door closed. Then we would have the same problem!
I guess you could add some sort of self closing hinges yourself with a little modification. That’s what we’re thinking of doing :wink:

Your Local service company should be able to supply the parts you need.

George Mills

Thank you Gentlemen. I will see what they say.