Prep table not cooling below 58F

So my prep cooler has decided to stay between 58-60F as of this morning…
Tried unplugging for 30 minutes and re-plugging… still the same result.
Tried moving the temp super low… still the same result.

Is this a refrigerant leak or what are your thoughts? The unit is probably 5 years a 1 day old… meaning 1 day out of warranty like usual.

Thanks all!

coil clean???

You prob have a leak, happened to me a month ago

Clean your coil first also check to make sure whatever temperature gage you are using is working properly. A while back I thought I had an issue with one of my prep tables and it turned out the thermometer wasn’t calibrated it was driving me mad for a couple of days. Also I have had a thermostat go bad check that too?

I agree with the above posts clean the coil. Also check to see if the evaporator is froze over, you may need to get that defrosted.
It is probably not the compresser, yet, if it is still running but you may want to call the company and tell them you have problems and getting somebody into diagnose it. I dealt with a company that warrantied a compressor that was 1 month over the 5 year warranty.

get a service man in now as most companies will honor the
warranty if only a few days past.

George Mills

It could be a number of things:

  1. Low on gas.
  2. Condenser fan might be inop and needs replacing.
  3. Condenser blown and needs replacing.

well, no idea what the issue was. We opened up the back to check the compressor… pulled out the thermostat and the cold control. Tested everything and all seems to be working fine. So we put it all back together and go to call a repair shop, then the temp drop down to normal. So we let it sit overnight and come back in the morning… still fine. Used it as normal all day long today and it’s still fine. Loose wire somewhere? So we reopened it up and looked for anything… still nothing. Put it all back together again and still working fine. So I guess were going to wait till this happens again then call a shop. It’s odd.

Glad to know you are OK
George Mills