prep table portion scale

I will be buying a portion scale for the prep table

I am convnced on buying one, just want to see a brand and model that works well, manual or hand waving to tare,


It really depend on what you wanna spend, a top of the line scale may run you $500 to $600.

I currently buy a scale, I found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for about $9.99 that work perfectly for my use. I just got tired of replacing expensive scales because of employee misuse.

The $9.99 scales last me just over a year or more on average. Whereas the $500 to $600 might last two or three. Pelouze makes a good scale. The Detecto PZ3000 Touchless Digital scale is pretty cool, but again its $595. check it out … scales.htm

Whatever you do make sure you get a scale TODAY!!! It will pay for itself immediately and scale everything!

A scale will increase consistency in your product, which creates higher profits, and happier customers.

thank you tommie, I am familiar with the expensive models,
what is the one you bought for $10 that will klast for a year ?


I have no idea what its name is, but I did find it in the kitchen section at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It a little round scale with a measuring bowl, that measures in ounces & lbs or Kg. and it will tare multiple times.

I’ll tell you its allot less stressful when a $9.99 scale fall of the counter on to the ground, than one of the $600 dollar ones.

Wal-Mart has 'em too!

I have the Wal-Mart one, digital, $30 I think,
it measures and tares great(I scale my dough balls on it in grams for accuracy0, it is just when I put my 20" er on it, no way I can see the readout.
if there was a modest priced one with a remote readout !?!

The problem I have had with the cheap scale is having to portion into a bowl the put the topping on the pizza/ It is much faster if you can portion directly on the pizza and reset the tare after each topping.

I use a postal scale. They are very durable and inexpensive. I have been using my current scale now for several years… They range from $20 and up. I am using this one … ducts_id=7.

[The problem I have had with the cheap scale is having to portion into a bowl the put the topping on the pizza/ It is much faster if you can portion directly on the pizza and reset the tare after each topping]

Do you have only 1 scale on the make line??? or multiple scales. It seems like it would slow you down during peak times with only 1 scale. I guess if you could elaborate on the system you have I would greatly appreciate it!!!


…so true, there in lies the rub on the cheap ones…other than that, they are great value…
I am still looking for an inexpensive one with remote read out

I have an Ohaus scale for my flour that reads in 1/100 of and ounze, and in grams, with remote, that works OK, little bulky on the make table, it doea the job…would love to have that tares with a wave of the hand…do those work OK ?

Okay I get everything but “tare”…what is that?

when you put something on the scale, such as a bowl, it will give you it’s weight,
push the “tare” button and it will take it to “0”, so you can get the weigh of whatever you put in the bowl…get that, then “tare” it again to “0” and weigh the next thing.
most you push something mechanical, some fancy one “0” out with the wave of a hand, some light sensor thing or something,

Remeber doing that in chemlab…just didn’t recognize the term. Thanks

I see it on transfer truck trailers and railroad cars a lot. Tare is a term in weights and measurements which refers to the weight of an empty container. So, when you push a “tare” button, you are eliminating the weight of the container, pizza, Volkswagen beetle, etc.

I never used a digi scale in a restaurant, we always had regular scales. As long as they’re treated right they do a good job.

My spring portion scale has a face dial for “tare” function.

Those work too. I have had plenty of $65 Pelouze scales, they work really well, until the get dropped a few times.

What I really don’t like about Pelouze, is that about 20 years ago they were built like tanks, now the materials they use, is so flimsy, you drop the darn thing once, and the neck bends, or eh top bends.

Well, it finally happened. Someone dropped my expensive AveryBerkel scale. We loved it even though it was expensive because we could build 16" pies on it, wave to tare, and see the weight easily on any size we offer. Now it looks like they aren’t offered here in the US anymore. Does anyone have know of any good solutions? I actually have another one but for the life of me I can’t seem to get it to measure in ounces. Anyone have any solutions?

I use the oxo scales it has a slide out that my 16" pizza board will not cover and you can see the weight as you are topping the pizza.

What does it measure in?..What ever the measure is, just convert…