Prep Table Supreme

Anybody using the Marsal Supreme? Looks like a pizza mans dream. We are replacing out Beater…Im sorry I meant Leader. Any thoughts??

Hi Pakula:

You are not getting much response: I also would like some feed back on that item;

A few years back we were building a cut and box unit for an outfit and they had us attach a holder for some squeeze bottles at about the same height as the condiment rail on the Marsal prep table. We only got a couple units out in the field when the workers using them started complaining that constantly reaching up to get the containers was giving them aching shoulders and tiring them half way through their shift as much as a full shift using the containers at waste level.

I would like to see some comments from Marsal users regarding that possible problem.

George Mills

I am looking very closely at picking up a few of them to replace my worn out True and ancient LaRosa. They look very nice and appear to be built very heavy duty. I hope to take a close look next week at the Pizza Expo.

The fact that you get a full 30" of workspace is worth a lot.

That and the sauce area are optimal
Mr. Mills- Do you know of any other tables with this workspace?

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The fact that you get a full 30" of workspace is worth a lot.
Mr. Mills- Do you know of any other tables with this workspace?[/quote]

Apparently there has been no demand for a prep table with that much work space or the major manufacturers would be building them.

We have supplied a few cutting boards up to 24 inch deep for prep tables but no one has ever requested a 30 inch.

George Mills

Pakula did you ever get the pizza prep table supreme? If so how do you like it?

Are the raised ingredient holders ideal? The recessed sauce pot?

I ordered it. Should come within the next two weeks. I’ll give you full feedback. I can tell you I got up close with one @the NY rest show and the cheese up higher didnt look to comfortable.

I saw another table at Expo that had this same design but the bins on top were about three inches lower than the one on the Marsal but I don’t remember the brand. I stopped to look at the Marsal with my wife who is 5’3" and the top bins were too high for her to be comfortable using.

They seem really high. I like the idea of the recessed sauce pot though.

Not wanting to knock a product that I have had no clients using and reporting on I was waiting for a comment like this.

I think there are many 5’- 3"ladies are working in pizza shops. Some even shorter. I think that and the extra expended energy for taller folk reaching up to use the elevated bins make this unit less viable than the conventional pizza prep tables.

For those wanting additional dept of work space oversized cutting boards are an option.

George Mills

I too looked over the Marsal prep table in Las Vegas and was very disappointed with it. Not with the height of the pans, but it seemed cheaply built. I was all set on it until I got to take a good hard look at it. I have decided to go with an Italian made Desmon and a Kairak Blu. The Hoshizaki units also looked nice too, all built like tanks.

I have too ask…why two different companies? A Desmon and a Kairak Blu? Why not just stick with one? I am just curious as it seems they both make really decent products. I wish Desmons website was up for the US. It looks like they are expanding into the US market a bit more…is that the feeling you got from the rep? Sorry for all the questions…I am looking also and just in need of as much useful info as possible. Thanks for anything you can share.

Oh…I wanted to add…the sauce well looks like a great idea but I also have a few concerns about the height of the Marsal Supreme… The 30" top also would be a nice touch though. :smiley:

We are getting the Desmon because of the granite top, this will be our handtossing station with the Kairak as our topping station. We chose the Kairak because of the Gylcol wrapping system they use on the top that requires no defrosting and draining the rail every night. If the Desmon had this, I would have bought 2 Desmons - those things were built the best out of anything I have ever seen. Having to defrost and clean that thing out is a huge labor waster. The nice thing too is that both the Desmon and the Kairak both have a 3 years parts & LABOR along with the 5 year compressor warranty.

I would have chosen a LaRosa as I am partial to those, but after doing the math on all the labor $ it takes to pay someone to defrost and drain the wrapped rail everynight, the Kairak will save me about $1000 each year.

The Desmon rep told me that they are just rolling out the units in the US. I guess they have been in Europe for a long time.

First time I’ve seen one of those tables… they are nice… but where are the tables that have the grate over the work area and you can fit Full size pans under the grates so that you can reuse any dropped cheese and so forth? i.e. what papa johns and dominos has.

Randell and LaRosa both have the rails and pans as an option. Not sure who else has them.

This is a bit off topic, but a posting just up from this mentioned draining the rail every night. I’m that new to this to admit that I have no idea what that means. Are we referring to mopping up the water/condensation that forms in the bin areas as the little bit of ice/frost melts off the interior walls?? Is this a normal thing?

I was curious about this as well. Can someone explain what this means…(defrosting and draining the rail).

I know, where I worked the prep table was always leaking from the bottom but not sure if that is related…