Prep Table Surpreme Review

We had a thread going about the Marsal Prep Table Supreme with not much response on the product. Ours was delivered this afternoon and here are my pros & cons

Build- Some pieces seem flimsy but over all very solid B+

Worktop- Has a Corian top. Marsal says marble is not NSF approved. I’d say the Corian is just about the best surface I have ever made a pizza on. The dough feels like is sliding on oil. The extra large workspace is really helpful. The sauce has a seperate well, very easy cleanup A+

Bins- Reaching up to grab cheese, toppings, etc is not at all hard or strenuous. It is very comfortable for me (5’11). My partner is (5’9) and he said it was great. Unlike the leader the well in which the bins are set in are cooled along a solid surface. Not fans blowing cold air though vents. I couldn’t tell you what this method of cooling is called but it reminds me a lot of a freezer. A

Storage- Under the table is a little tricky. I’d say six dough trays max. We haven’t found a place to keep our printer (pos), gloves, squeeze bottles, foil sheets, and wax paper. C+

Overall A

cool - can you comment on cost. There does not seem to be a lot of info about pricing online. the one place i saw was in the $5500-6k range for almost any size. Compared to 2-3k for True TPP models.

$5760.00 for the 68 inch. F…

ok thanks. i thought that maybe i was missing something with the pricing… $$$$$$ !!! not in my budget unless it is going to increase productivity by a lot.

It was not in my budget either. I just couldn’t spend over 3,000 for a new true or beverage air when an extra 3k gets you the bmw of prep tables.