Prepaid SCAM orders

Customer places an order, via online & prepaid, or callin and prepaid, customer comes in and picks up the order asking for it by name it was placed under. Shortly after another person comes in to pickup order but has no clue what items were ordered, but gives their name at which it was the previous order already claimed and picked up. 2nd customer wants refund or replacement of food which ticket price is well over $80…Guaranteed they will dispute credit card charge ending up in a charge back

What do you do??

confused so they were both in on it…maybe the first people ordered from another place and just happened to have the same name? Seems like alot of work for free dinner but I guess u never know

I have never won a chargeback (luckily I only get 1 or so a year so)

They were in on it together, the 1st customer, female came in and said she was picking up an online order for such & such name, had the order #, and said exactly what was on the order, within seconds of her leaving, male walked in and said his name and he was there for an online order, he had no clue what was on his order though, demanded food or money back. My head cashier is freaking out, knows damn well the lady got the order as we had no other online orders or call ins, this was the last one to be picked up for the night. I hopped on the cameras watching this and after him leaving, i backed up the video, watched the lady load up her car pull away, i saw which way she turned out of the lot, 1 second later another vehicle pulls in, this guy is getting out of his car and he is physically watching this other vehicle pull away and keeps his head turned watching this other car as they pull onto the road, his son gets out as well, he tells the kid to get back in the car, comes in and is freaking out on my cashier, demanding his food or money back. I told her to get his info and will call him. I have yet to call him, im watching him drive around in parking lot, all the time hes blowing up my phones, my cashier is freaking out not knowing what to do and its 5 min to close. He pulled out same direction as 1st car. This all took place in like 10 minutes or less from start to finish.

I would remake the order. No way they are getting refund. I know its too late now.

I agree, and i had a talk with my head cashier & others. It will cost less $$ to just remake the order. Now I will be keeping an eye out for the charge back dispute. I only had 1 in my life, i remember it was a delivery order, it was a prepaid delivery, card holder claimed charges were fraud, that they never ordered food for delivery, I disputed and lost.

that’s a new one…wow! Hopefully you have a way to flag that phone number and block them from ordering again. We always track when issues like this happen to avoid the headache again. If they went to all that trouble I would bet they will do a charge back to which puts you out another $25 so I would just chalk it up to a lesson in trash101