Presheeting Dough

Anyone out there presheet dough and keep them in the cooler, the dough needs to stay good for 12 hours. My Friday nights are becoming busier and once I run out of the 50 larges we have sheeted and screened on pizza racks it can become kind of hectic.

I presheet all my dough. I stack the sheeted skins using parchment paper ten to a stack and wrap them in plastic bags. I flour the heck out them when I sheet them out as they will absorb the flour as they sit in the cooler. Overall, it works pretty well and mine will hold up to 14 hours.

what is your water to flour ratio and what type of oven do you use?
do you pull skins straight out and dress or let set at room temp?

We roll out around 200 skins on our screens before opening on Fridays - roll out from 3 - 5pm.

40 large go on the rack above the prep bench and the rest go on stand alone pizza racks. Half are uncovered as they will be used quickly and are of different sizes, small (9") family (15") and jumbo (18") and the rest, mainly large and some more family size then have a bin liner placed over them.

The last of the bases are used around 11pm and are as good as the ones used earlier in the night. Under the bin liner they tend to mositen up a bit and don’t dry out.

Saturday we do about 80% of what we roll out Friday and Sunday about 60%.

No problems experienced by us.


My water ratio is at 58% and I let my dough balls sit in the cooler for up to 36 hours before sheeting. I pull them out of the cooler and let them sit for about 30 minutes, then run them through the sheeter. I run a dough docker over them immediately after sheeting to cut down on the bubbles in the oven. I bake my pizzas in a Bakers Pride deck oven. I don’t use screens, just bake them right on the parchment paper. It keeps the oven and make station cleaner.