Presidential Inauguration Bump?

anyone expecting a big bump from the inauguration?

We are getting a new president ? … heh joking. Round here everyone is blue, so i actually think it will be slower then normal.

Our new slogan “Making Pizza Great Since 1959”!

I have seen some calls to “boycott” the inauguration or to simply not watch it. Having said that, I’ve seen a couple events popping up advocating sharing poems, songs, or even write your own inauguration speech(!) during this emotionally turbulent time.

Any time an unusually large part of our delivery are is watching an event on TV we notice a good bump in sales. Super Bowls, college football and basketball championships, presidential election days, when weather channel is projecting hurricanes to come our way. That said, I don’t think so many in my area will be tuning into the inauguration as most are either very against this new administration or just sick and tired of politics 24/7.

Irrelevant I think. But the playoff games on Sat and Sun should be good!

I’d have to agree that any large television event brings in pizza sales. Doubtful to be compared to a huge football game, but when millions of people are tuning in to watch something on tv, chances are pretty good that they will pick up the phone for dinner… in theory.

The event is on a weekday that is not a holiday and happens at 11AM East Coast Time which is 2 hours before we open for the day). It simply is not going to produce anything for us. I guess to the extent that more people watch the evening news that day to catch the re-play there might be something there for dinner… but I just can’t see it amounting to anything. I also do not remember this having any impact any of the other four other times it has happened since we started business.

The media has been wrong about everything in this election. I’m sure they are wrong about the small party also.

I think the publics trepidation over this particular transfer of power is retarding sales. People are scared and worried. Therefore, not spending as much as they normally would. Then, I am in a massively blue state. Also though, here on cape cod it’s winter, so we’re screwed no matter what we do.

For good reason I think.

My thoughts exactly

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Cape Cod? A local… Although it is slow in the winter now you should have seen it 40 years ago…