Press releases

Have any of you ever won a “Best of” contest and released a press announcement? Can you share links to the stories? We recently were voted The Best pizza in the entire Bay Area (not only San Jose, but SF and Oakland) so I’d like to take advantage of the good fortune. … eats/pizza


Hi Trent - Congratulations, that’s a pretty big deal! I’m a marketing guy so I can offer advice here. Definitely hire a professional writer to manage the PR and then submit it yourself via (I recommend the $200 online visibility package). The most important thing to remember: link the keyword phrase “Best San Francisco Pizza,” or whatever city you prefer, directly to your website. This will boost your rankings on Google and help generate lots of future sales. This is a great opportunity and you should capitalize on it for sure… you earned it!

Thanks Chris. We have a pretty boring website so adding text should be easy for the SEO component. I moonlight as a Dir of Marketing for an electronics company, so I can come up with stuff for network access security but PR for pizza is a first. I normally use MarketWire and pick a local distribution. For 150.00 the release goes out to all of the normal distributions (Yahoo News, Google, Bing, etc.) and eventually the story is picked up everywhere. I’ll have to use some search engines to try and find something specific to pizza though.

OK THIS IS NEW TO ME, we have had several things happen that we would love to have gotten word out a little better.
so I will give them a look over