PressureCooked/Cooked Sauce

Just wondering if anyone is using a cooked sauce in their shops. My friend used to use a cooked sauce in his shop, and it really helped pull out the acidity in sauce, as well as enhance the overall flavor. Is anyone having success using a cooked sauce recipe?


When you cook your sauce you lose flavor. If you start with the right tomato product for your sauce there should not be an acidic taste. Look for a fresh packed product to start with. When I was researching tomato products I had the food service sales reps bring me all the products they sold. I found Stanislaus to be the only one they offered that didn’t leave an after taste.

I have also seen people use parmesan cheese in their sauce to reduce the acidic taste.

Cooking will reduce the acidic taste by caramelizing the sugars and balancing the acid with a sort of sweetness . . . as well as breaking down some acids. Like the DingDong Daddio said, it also wipes out some of the mote delicate tomato-ness as well. If you already use reconstituted industrial tomato paste sort of base, then it can’t do much damage . . . but if you use ground tomatoes or something close to what the tomato started out as, then there are better choices. Cook that poor tomato as few times as you can. remember it’s been heated at least once in canning, and possibly for wayyyy longer than you’d like if it is not fresh packed tomatoes.

Balance the offending tartness with one or more of the other 3 primary tastes: salty, sweet and bitter. A little salt and/or sugar can zero in the flavor balance. Be gentle and taste as you go. Same with the herbs; some add a little bitterness along with their base flavor.

I also sing the Stanislaus song, and find them exceedingly consistent in flavor profile and performance. I know when I crank that can that I will need exactly what my recipe says. It is a very balanced and intense tomato flavor. There are some other very good canned tomatoes out there as well . . . just not as good as Stanislaus :o) (others have their brand loyaty as well, but always high grade products)