"Pressurized Hoppers" on Dough Dividers

Hi Tom & all PMQ TT’ers - We’re investigating purchasing new dough dividers for our commissary operation and have offers for volumetric (piston) dough dividers with pressurized hoppers. We’re told that the pressurized hopper increases weight accuracy of the dough portioning and alleviates the problem of constant calibration / weight control of the divider. We produce 4 different weights of our shops (120gr [4.25 oz]/ 200gr [7oz]/ 380gr [13.5oz]/ 660gr [23.25oz]).

Here are my questions:

  1. Has anyone run across or have experience with a pressurized hopper attached to a dough divider ?
  2. If so, has the pressurized hopper helped with weight accuracy ?
  3. Has the pressurization affected dough quality ?
  4. If your dough was initially affected by the pressurization, what was/were/are your solutions in dough formation ?
  5. What other pitfalls did you experience with the pressurized hopper system (ie need for compressor / poor seal on pressurized hopper / cleaning & maintenance)
  6. BONUS QUESTION - If you have a volumetric (piston) dough divider that doesn’t have calibration problems, what’s the make/model ?

For those of you unfamiliar with the pressurized hopper systems, I have included pictures and links below. Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations/feedback.