Pretty Good August

Another month is winding down. At this point it is clear that we will not beat our old record from Aug /08 but we having a very good month nevertheless. We are up about 50% over last year…

Som things are pretty good. (And cheese prices are dropping too!)

We have just had our 8th consequtive week of well above last years sales figures. For August to date we are up 24.8% vs last year (which was a reasonable sales month) and we are now seeing a firm and consistent sales pattern at long last - no paeks and troughs.
Nice thing is that we are doing it with only an additional driver for 3 hours on Friday and that sales are peaking early in the night and we are sending staff home early.


[size=5]You da Man[/size] and

[size=5]You da Man!![/size]

Congratulations to those who have seen increases in sales rates. Well done, and I hope it keeps going in that direction for you. Lean into that marketing and keep the momentum . . . you guys are leading the charge.

The way we are heading I might even have that Summer (your winter) job available for you. :slight_smile:
It is really great to feel the pressure of the hachet off the back of the neck. Next thing I will be getting “nice” calls from my bank manager. :lol:

August ended up on a high at 22.5% up on last year. Our sales growth has continued for 9 weeks straight and now we are beginning to make money again after 2 years of paying the bills and keeping the head just above the water.
Now hoping it will continue.


Great too hear Dave! Now, about this job offer to Nick…ummm… didn’t my app look ok? :x

September to date is up 15% on last year and sales continue to hit records. We hit a new record month going to the next $thousand increment level for the first time last week.
Quite confident now that the light at the end of the tunnel is real and not the feared train.


We are also winding up a good month. It remains toe be seen whether we set and all time record for September, no doubt it will be very close though. It is already the 3rd best ever (out of 13 Septembers) and will certainly pass #2. Increase is close to 40% over last year.

Our increase not so good as yours but we must still be drinking the same water :smiley:
Still an all time record September and best month ever by far.

We are a long way from “best month ever” territory. September just does not have the visitors in town to compete with the numbers we do during the winter. Still, a best September ever would be very nice indeed.