Pretty much COMPLETELY off topic.....

Sorry if this is way out in left field…

Has anyone here written RFQs / RFPs? I am looking at some websites that have some standardized templates, but I’m wondering if you guys or gals have written one from scratch? :?

Thanks in advance if you have any insight!

For what kind of thing?

Are you asking how to write the request or how to write the proposal?

I did an RFP once for our store. It was to get into a major tourist attraction in Chicago to sell slices. I ended up paying someone to it. It was very involved and unless you have experience I believe very difficult to do a good one yourself.

I am interesting in writing the request, and it will be (initially) for vendor price quotes. Sort of a “here’s my company, the volume we do, what our values are…” Then going into delivery requirements, payment terms, etc…

I have seen examples of RFQs / RFPs that are geared more towards I.T. requests… Just wondering about the restaurant application of this type of document.

Thanks for the responses, Bodega and Pizza Tony! :slight_smile:

I used to respond to RFQ’s in my prior life. I also prepared a few starting with standard company boilerplate.
If you are going to do it youself be as precise as possible about what you want. Write a specification that describes exactly what you want. Include drawings where applicable. The more specific you are the less room there is for misunderstanding. In areas where you have flexibility, be less specific so your vendor can use his expertise to improve the product and/or save money.
Do you have a customer that works in purchasing or procurment? You can buy all kinds of services with pizza.