Prevention pos yes or no?

Who uses it, want to take advantage of the cyber Monday deal

I dont use Revention. But I do believe Speedline is also having a deal as well. It was something like 3k off of 3 terminals with user licenses. Might be best to call them and find out straight from them if your main concern between Revention and any other is price point/promotional discount. Speedlines number is 1-888-923-9185. I believe it’s press 2 for sales.

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I have used Revention Point of Sale for several years (4 Station + Kitchen Display). I have had one or two hiccups related to billing (not their fault, put a new bank card on file late and bank declined the charge as potential fraud since it was technically two payments for the same amount). The billing staff did a poor job of handling the issue, but management used it as an opportunity to contact me and legitimately try to better themselves. Since then, not an issue. Tech support is quick in handling issues, and the software is extremely powerful and in-depth, while being simplistic to use and set up.

I would be more than happy to speak to you on the phone as a customer standpoint, or let you dial in to my system to check it out and go over any features you’re interested if you like. Just send me a private message, but I would highly recommend them.