Price difference for custom boxes?

After 7.5 years of generic boxes, I’m upgrading to custom 2 color on Kraft/Kraft Chicago style. I’ve been quoted going from $14.75 to $22.25 for 12"(50), $17.25 to $25.95 for 14"(50) and $21.25 to $28.95 for 16"(50). Does this seem like the right price? I use about 1000 boxes a week.

That’s about the price I use to pay, I stopped getting boxes custom made after a year & 1/2 got real tired of having to order 10 sleeves of one size when I sometimes only needed like 4 or 5, we went back to doing it old school “PIZZA IN A BAG” & when customers get more than 1 pizza we use bxs, our bxs have like 4 colors brown/brown all environmentally safe, water colors and just about the same price price as what your paying, We have cut our cost more than by half by doing it old school style PLUS our customers LOVE it and always comment on it