Price for a large pizza in 1981?

does anyone remember what the price of a Large Pizza was in 1981?
We are celebrating 30 years in business in 2011 and we want to do a pizza special for the occassion.

thank you

PRETTY CLOSE TO THE SAME ONLY thing that’s really gone up are our food costs

We sold 14" 2 topping pizzas for 11.99…

Today I sell a 3 topping 14" for $11.99.

Royce was that Canadian dollars?

Yes C$s…We are close to par today…In 1981 it cost us about 1.19 to bu 1.00 US…

i know the cost has gone up. What i’m trying to figure out is what a 16" large pizza sold for in 1981

Our original menu is from 1968… large 16" cheese and pep was 3.24 . We bought the pizzeria in 1983…our 10 year anniversary in 1993 we rolled back the prices to 1983 large 16" cheese and pep was 7.99. I believe we were selling them in 1981 for 7.29 when I was managing the place. Hope this helps.

Started working for dominos in 1984. A 16" large cheese was $7.00. I opened my first location in 1986 and charged $5.75 for a 16" cheese.

I managed a Dominos in 1979 and a 16" pepperoni was $6.75 and came with four 16oz cups of soda when we were promoting (which was all the time). We did about 500-600 pies per night when we were busy. I would have loved conveyor ovens back then!

I Started at Domino’s in 1984 in Houston
16" Cheese 7.79
Toppings 1.25
Price Destroyer 14.04


1977 pizzerama in Kearny Nj $2.50 16" pizza