Price for Fresh Chicken Wings?

What are yolu paying for fresh wings right now, we are paying 70.00 for a 40 pound case.

my price has been high for several weeks @ 1.79/#
chicken tenders have dropped to 1.65/#

Restaurant Depot

I’m at $71 to $74 or so for 40# (around $1.80 per lb)

Every year at this time, from Super Bowl to March Madness the prices go up. They tend to start dropping back off by beginning of March, though. I haven’t heard any good explanation this year for prices staying high this long. A couple years back, the price never came down . . . stayed in this range for a year+

our price generally has dropped right after the super bowl, but that hasn’t happened this year, i think it is due to the now national popularity of the item.

40# frozen for $63 and coming back down a little.

$70 = 40# fresh jumbo

I heard that a major chicken farm in south east US shut down and that has hurt supply for a while.

that was the rumor at first, but it appears they are operating but going through bankruptcy

I paid $1.79/lb. ($71.60/case) this week. I miss the days of $0.89/lb!

Whic farm are we talking about? One in GA?

texas as far as i know, pilgrims pride