Price Increase


We just got our new menus and our pizzas are increasing by $1. We haven’t increased prices for a few years and I am sure we will get some backlash from a small portion of our customer base.

Just want to know what is the best approach to implement the new prices. Should I wait till the beginning of next month or just start as soon as possible.

Anyone have any experiences they would like to share or suggestions for me on this topic.


A S A P !!!

I have found that customers will be less likely to react to price increases if you do them on a regular basis a little at a time. I have a spreadsheet that gives me a comparison of the ideal price based on food cost percentage compared to menu price. When 1/4 of the sheet goes red then it is time to adjust the prices of those items. I only adjust the items that are in red so there is not a whole menu increase. This seems to be the best way to avoid sticker shock for the customers.

As far as when to implement the price increase I agree ASAP.

We’re redoing our entire menu March 1st…no particular reason on the date it’s just when we have time to finish the edits and get them printed. I keep a tight eye on food costs weekly, and it’s been my habit to make small adjustments if needed a couple of times a year. Once a year we reevaluate our entire menu and remove the lower 10% of menu items to replace them with items we have played with as specials through the previous year with good results.

Just do it.

Over the 14 years we have been in business I can count the number of comments received on price changes on the fingers of my hands.

ASAP is right…

You want to roll with it…

Mostly if they say anything just say “yeah the price of goods went up and we couldnt sustain it anymore”

The stamp used to be cheap too.