Price Increases

Is it me or has anyone else seen week over week increases in meat products?

Seen it and dont expect it to go down. Also seen increases in cheese, dry goods, and wings. Don’t know the answers but im sure the heat is part of the problem.

You should expect to see some flour increases soon and I heard that the California tomato crop is going to be smaller than expected and the price of sauce is likely to increase.

Production of just about everything is down and forcing prices up. If you want to be a step ahead of price changes use … sp_hm=true

You can track milk, meats, wheat, gas, corn and many other commodities. I use these charts to when I’m making new flyers and specials. It kinda helps you see into the future a bit.


Got a letter from Pepsi today. Prices increase Sept. 5. This is the third time in 2 years they’ve raised prices on me.

Anyone feeling pain yet? My cheese is up $0.36/lb over the past 8 weeks. We’re slowing down, so its not hurting as much. You guys selling $5 pizza must be taking it hard!!

people selling $5 pizza had BETTER have a contract for long term cheese pricing. Monthly flux will kill you at that margin.

we have seen cheese climb and climb we are at 2.38 lbright now… what about you?