Price of cheese Block????

I am sure this has been answered but here we go again

I use diced mozz what is a reasonable markup from the cheese reporter block price
25cents, 50 cents

just wondering because my rep is starting to get crazy I feel

I just paid $2.90 a pound

she says it is a 2 week lag from Cheese reporter so 2 weeks ago it was
$2.18 a pound so she is charging 72 cents a pound over block mkt price

she is nuts gotta start looking for another vendor???

Fyi I use Roma

get a pelican head for your mixer and shred it yourself, doesn’t take much time and saves on paying extra to the cheese gods. i paid about 2.6o last week. but i dont use roma.

I use dice for portion control it is easier to spread


I use Roma as well, currently using the Roma brand diced cheese packaged by Leprino, 15lb case running me $2.56/lb last truck (Thursday) in SW Florida.

we use assoulti brand 2-15lb bags fresh

Pricing list from this week from Roma… I don’t order cheese from Roma, I paid 2.45 from FSA this week for blocks. I assume diced it would be an extra 20-30 cents. Your price doesn’t seem that off for Roma. As for the two week lag, I have seen that be a loose two week lag at times when it favors them. But what do I know? Maybe they really are still selling off cheese they bought at a much higher price a month ago?

Seal Cheese Mozz Lmps 8/6 lb avg 010000 2.7397 ___ ___ ___ ___
Piancone Cheese Mozz P/S Crown Jewel 8/6 lb avg 951055 2.5754 ___ ___ ___ ___
Roma Cheese Mozz Premiato P/SRibbon 5/11 lb avg 060019 2.6727 ___ ___ ___ ___

Wow ! I am paying almost $4.40 /Lb in Canada Must be gold in our milk up here…lol

Im close to 3.00 a pound from presto, sysco,Gfs even restaurant depot