I have owned my pizza shop for 8 years but this year it is the 15th anniversary of being open in our town. I would like to do a promotion and want to roll back the prices to 1992. The previous owners are no where to be found and the local printer doesnt have records of old menus from that far back any guesses on what a 14" pizza would have cost or where to get information on that?

lol! I bet they were about the same. With $5 pizza now I can’t imagine it was much cheaper then.

From what I’ve been tols they were dearer then than they are now.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to do a promotion back to 1992 prices - and the price actually be higher? :shock:

I bet that would be the case.

Thinking back to the early 90’s, if I’m not mistaken the regular menu prices for Domino’s broke down like this:

10" 1 topping…$6.99
12" 1 topping…$7.99
14" 1 topping…$9.99

Each additional topping was $1, regardless of size. Specialty pizzas were priced:

10" specialty…$9.99
12" specialty…$10.99
14" specialty…$12.99

The big coupons specials we had back then were (these are the only I can vividly remember):

Monster Family Combo: 1 Large “Extravaganzza” and 1 Large 1 topping - $15.99

Carryout Special : 1 Large 1 topping $5.99

I can also remember cheese prices fluctuating from $1.50/pound - $2.00/pound. And minimum wage was $4.25/hour… ah, the days of sub-20% labor costs. I loved 'em.


Thanks for the help I have a lead on where the previous owners have moved to so maybe they will remember what they actually charged if not I am gonna wing it and guess!

Hi Pizza Guy…

I can not help with 15 years ago, however, in Red Deer in 1986 we charged the following:
8" two topping - $4.95
10" two topping - $7.95
12" two topping - $9.95
14" two topping - $11.95

A 10 oz NY steak at the Keg was $10.95, a beer was $1.95, a highball $2.25…

My room and board was $300.00 a month…

wow pizza prices havent changed a whole lot! But the room and board is more then twice that, if you can even find any lol Thanks for the info

Around here the room only (if you can find one) is $700 per month and you don’t get kitchen access.