Price of pork products on the rise

The price of bacon has gone up 20% or more for me in the last year. Some say it is because the price of corn has gone up due to the bio-fuel craze but here is the real truth for us Canadians. … -cull.html

The federal government will pay Canada’s struggling pork producers $50 million to kill off 150,000 pigs by the fall — 10 per cent of the industry’s breeding herd.

The animals are to be destroyed at slaughter plants and on pig farms in what experts are calling an unprecedented cull.

The Canadian Pork Council said the cull will help balance supply and demand for the industry, which has seen prices drop to pennies per pound.

That’s horrible. Goes on here in the US as well. The least the governments could do is get ALL the meat processed to feed the poor instead just a small amount. Well, dogs and cats will be eating well.