Pricing rant...

Here is me ranting about prices not listed online…

Say that you’re in need of a certain application, solution, or whatever that might be, and you get your coffee / drink and sit in front of your computer ready to start your research.
You obviously don’t have all day because there are other things you need to attend to plus there is life, so you’re willing to stretch out your time and dedicate maybe an hour for your research, hoping for the best.
So far, so good… and then it hits you!
After few minutes of research you kinda find what you’re looking for. You dig a little deeper and you get better results… 30 minutes are already gone!
Then, since you have found what interests you, you’re looking for the pricing. What pricing?!?
Literally this term does not exist on most of the websites that offer the services you’re looking for.
Instead, you have to go on and provide your personal & business information, your plans, the story of your life, your firstborn, and God knows what else, before you hit submit on the damn “Request a quote” form.
All that, so they can harass you for the next 3 months for a product or service that you lost interest since you hit the “Submit” button.
Then you realize that 1 is not enough so you need to have multiple quotes to be able to compare and get the best deal. So there you go again, reading specs, features etc., filling out quote forms left & right while getting distracted by whatever pops up on your screen, and before you know it you have already spend more than 3 hours!!! Your coffee is now empty, your plans for the rest of your day have changed, plus you didn’t get anywhere close to the results you were hoping for before you sat on that chair.
On top of that, now you have to schedule appointments for sales calls which you’ll be getting at least twice a week for who knows how long!

What happened to this world? How does a simple thing such as looking up a price for an item turns out to be a nightmare which will be haunting me for the next 2-3 months?
This is how hard are we working to make things better? better my a$$!

I just want to see the price for the products I’m interested without having a sales call to convince me that the product is the “Best for my needs”. I will determine if it’s the best for my needs and if it’s the best for my budget too, then I’ll give the sales dept a call to purchase or to get more information.
Why do I have to consume myself into endless, pointless conversations & waste of my time for something that might not work for me, while all I want to know is the price, beats me!

I do understand the concept of the “Sales Strategy” but that doesn’t mean that I have to accept it. Furthermore, I will not have such policy be enforced on me!
Sales people get your facts straight. The “consumers” have a voice and an opinion of their own and they don’t always want to hear yours. THEY RATHER BE HEARD INSTEAD!

End of rant… :stuck_out_tongue:

Completely agree! POS companies are the worst with this. No transparency whatsoever. And when you finally do get a price, you have to haggle or you will get taken advantage of.

Another sales tactic I HATE is when you sign up for a free trial and they call you out of the blue. Send me all the junk email you want, but don’t interupt my day and then try and keep me on the phone just to give me your extremely biased sales pitch. I don’t even like talking on the phone to people I actually care about, why the heck would I want to be on the phone with a salesperson.

And they seem to call right at rush time.

So you are looking to purchase a POS system?

A fine bit of not so transparent social engineering going on here. I’m surprised PMQ hasn’t shut you down yet, or at least started charging you for all of this advertising.

What advertising? and who said anything about a POS system?
I don’t post with intention of selling or advertising. On most of my posts I’m trying to provide helpful information for others, or to collect information that will be useful for me and my project. With the exception of this post right here. This was just personal frustration. Had nothing to do with any POS system.
As for me advertising “Foodini POS” in my signature field, this is my own project and it doesn’t even exist!
I’m not here to make enemies, and not trying to offend anyone. I had my time of owning a small pizza place few years back and I moved to a different type of business.