Pricing suggestions

I recently purchased some 6" screens and cannot decide how I want to price these pizzas. I am going to really promote them for the lunch crowd because our turnover on subs is so low. I am leaning towards charging a flat rate price regardless of how many toppings. Do you guys think this is the way to go or are there any better suggetions?

I do a flat rate for up to 2 toppings and extra 25 cents for additional toppings.

Charging one price and offering unlimited toppings encourages customers to load the pizza up with every topping they don’t dislike. The consumer needs to feel they got everything they paid for and didn’t leave anything on the table. Knowing this, do you feel that a 7 or 8 topping pizza represents your best quality. I feel that most here, whether using deck ovens or conveyors would find that their best quality comes from a pizza with just 2 or three toppings.

I agree that there is an optimal amount of toppings for a set oven time/temp. That’s why a cheese only pizza normally has more cheese than a 1-topping. And more toppings means a proportionately smaller amount of each. More than about 6 or 7 toppings and you really have a small amount of each or you have a pie that will not cook properly.

We are considering a simplified pricing schedule like Daddio has. Up to two or three toppings is about right. Just gotta figure out the rest. I have seen some places promote the “healthy” image by saying unlimited vegetables. Who knows? Will take some thought to price it right. I am a firm believer that if you offer something for free, the customer may not want it but will ask for two anyway.

I do a 8" pizza 5.60 plus .25 a topping keeps and my lunch special is always a 2 topping and a can of pop for 7.00

Thank you. all for the input. flat rate plus .25 sounds good. luch specail with a 6 inch pizza salad and a drink.