hey whats up? quick question. how do you guys determine ur pricing on things? from chicken wings to pizza.
thanks alot!

First break down all the recipes to the ingredient level and calculate the cost of each item. Next determine what you want your Ideal food cost to be (lets say 25%) you calculation would be Food Cost / 25% = Price

exactly what Daddio said plus what market will bear

Gather all the local competitions menus as well.

When I opened I took the 6 indys menus. and did the avg of them. As we built a customer base we adjusted prices as needed.

This couldn’t be more perfectly stated. If you can’t build a business model that works within these numbers, don’t open a store.

I’ve always been taught the 30-30-30-10 rule for my start ups. 30% cost of goods, 30% labor, 30% operational costs (rent et al.) and 10% for you to take home. When you get good at your job and can drop labor to 23% or COG to 27%, then you start really making money.