Printer For A Tablet

Happy New Year
We receive orders from GrubHub & Eat24 via email. Is there a thermal printer made to print emails off a tablet. It would show customers address, order and cost like receipt size. We do NOT have a POS system. I can buy a regular printer but we don’t want a full sheet of paper.

If no one on here has the answer, try contacting Grub Hub or Eat 24 to see if they have the answer. I’m pretty sure for some clients they set up a thermal printer in the store and the orders come directly to the printer(can be emailed as well).

So you need a wireless printer?

A receipt printer to use would be the Star TSP series. Forget about 2-color thermal, the paper is tough to come by these days.

I run an HP 4500 series inkjet that allows me to print wirelessly from my phone, but I do not know if your particular needs would be met