Printer screwed up what should I do?

I just had a batch of menus printed and the printer screwed up. It is a trifold menu with my logo on the front. The problem is the logo is not centered. It should have 3/8 inch from each side of the menu but it actually touches the fold on one side. So do i ask him to reprint or what?

Depending on how bad it is I would either ask for a reprint or discount. My approach would be to present the problem and let him offer the solution.

Richard I do not do much menu printing anymore, however, this sounds like a job that should not have been delivered…Your printer should fix this without question…

My printer would reprint without a question.

Menus / price lists are your first contact with a lot of customers so they should be perfect.

I would be talking about re-print but be careful that you didn’t sign off on how they came out. My printer always gives us a proof copy that we have to sign off before they commence the job and if we stuff up then it’s at our cost.

I don’t know where you stand on this though.


If it’s not printed the way you wanted them. Ask for a reprint.

But if you didn’t make it clear what you were looking for or if you approved the proof, they may not reprint them for you.

The menu on the left is one printed last year by a different supplier. The one in the middle is one that I printed on my color laser printer and gave several copies to the printer. The left menu is what the printer want’s me to take. He said I did not specify the logo was to be centered.

Any chance it was just folded incorrectly?

I’m going with folded incorrectly as well.

Tell the printer that he didn’t tell you he wanted his pizza to not be burned.

Sings: “One of these things is not like the other…”

That’s awful. Not even close. Put your angry face on and tell them to warm up the printer for a reprint.