Printers (?)

looking for a printer for menus and box toppers. any recommendations?

I highly recommend Century Printing in Clearwater, Florida.

everyone gave and great reveiws

Shipping paper is costly…What area are you located in?..

I am a Printer and also a Pizza veteran, but we got out of the pizza business last year. We print Door hangers, Door hanger blanks, Menus, Box Tops, Flyers, and custom pieces. Let me know if I can help you with anything. Even with shipping cost, our prices are usually less expensive.

centry printing looks good for quantity and price.

No offense, but century looks kinda hokey! I would pay a little extra and do full color with a product shot or two. Never tried Taradel. We use a company called Overtstreet associates, quality stuff!

not looking for full color right now. just looking for door hangers and century looks good.

You will have to do your own testing, however, it most cases full colour will generate a better response than 2 colour printing…While many say they can not afford full colour, I am of the opinion you can not afford 2 colour printing because you will lose opportunity…It does not take much extra response to pay for the extra cost of full colour…If you send out 2 colour at the same time your competition sends out full colour you will be pretty much be “lost” and wasting your money…

I was chatting with a couple of other pizza places that ordered their menus from the same printer. They were promised a specially designed full color menu. When they compared their menus the layout was the same right down to the pictures that were used.

What I am getting at here is make sure you get what you are promised and not just the remake of your competitions menu. Can you imagine the confusion it would cause your potential customers.

Taradel and Century. Nothing but good things to say about them both.


I use both taradel and century, both are great to work with. I use 2 color printing when I do box toppers, everything else I do in full color. Century does more then just 2 color, one of my full color postcards they printed for me is in there catalog. They both have great turn around times.Check them out.What

I’m in the process of having Taradel do my new menus + have them send them out. 5,000 menus + design + postage for $1900 bucks. That’s less than 38 cents apiece. I can’t even buy a first class stamp for that.