Printing Help

I need a recommendation for a printer.
I am starting a new company but only need a few samples of pizza boxes for now.
But most companies want 100 or 1000 more boxes to be printed.
Can anyone refer a company that might be willing to print 50 or less boxes for now?
I need these boxes for investors. Any direction or assistance would be great.

no printer will do that for you…but any graphic house can/will make up samples…pricey…the end will be you buying/commiting to a great purchase of custom boxes tho…worthwhile? eh? get a good box & use timely box toppers for marketing…

You could find plain generic boxes at a restaurant supply store. They usually come in bundles of 50. Then find a digital printer to print what you need on them. It will probably cost more per box to do it this way, but you’ll have your samples. On a side note though, I hope most of the investors’ attention is being paid to what’s inside the box rather than the box itself.

Other solution is get the generic boxes (GFS and restaurant depot) and take it to your local t shirt shop, he can make screens for your boxes and do what you need, its not cheap if I was to guess, 200 to print them and anouther 20 for the boxes but its the closest thing I can thin of, good luck

Find a local sign shop with a flat bed printer…They can print any number you require…As far as a t-shirt printer…Typically not because they use inks suited for textiles and not paper…

These days most proposals are “virtual”…Would not digital mock ups work?..